FrameBrowser Figma Plugin

Your friendly portable mini web browser.

FrameBrowser lets you have a browser window open inside of Figma. Handy if you need to embed content, do live previewing, or checking in with third-party services like Miro, Mural or InVision.

Content not loading? Please note that many sites don’t allow embedding their content in iframes. This is something set in their server headers and is nothing you or I can do anything about. You will simply get a blank screen if that happens.

Using FrameBrowser
– In Figma, under Plugins, click FrameBrowser
– Give FrameBrowser a URL (it will replace HTTP with HTTPS, and will add HTTPS if it’s missing from URL)
– If you’d like, you can specify the dimensions of the window (minimum 200px and maximum 2560px)
– Note: FrameBrowser will respect your height value but always adds a tiny bit for the settings selector button on top
– Click Run, and it should load!
– Use the settings button to change URL if needed

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