Figma to DeckDeckGo Figma Plugin

A free and open source plugin to export Figma frames to DeckDeckGo slides.

How does it work?

  • Use the plugin to export your frames
  • Download the resulting asset as zip file
  • Go to the DeckDeckGo editor
  • Import the data to create a new deck


DeckDeckGo is a web open source editor for presentations.

  • Interact with your audience with live polls
  • Interact with your presentations with a remote control
  • Create, present and share your slides as Progressive Web Apps
  • Use predefined rich and responsive templates
  • Search Unsplash and Tenor GIFs
  • Integrate easily Youtube video
  • Showcase your best developer code snippets
  • Interact with your presentations with a remote control
  • Present and work offline
  • Push the source code of your online slides to GitHub

To reach us on Slack, Email or Twitter.

Report any issues or bugs in the plugin repo on GitHub.

Your support is very much appreciated!

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