Figma to Code (Tailwind, Flutter, SwiftUI) Figma Plugin

Convert Figma layouts into responsive webpages (in Tailwind) or mobile apps (in Flutter and SwiftUI).

This plugin aims to raise the bar in “design to code” plugins by taking a new (and over-engineered) approach to optimize the layouts before the conversion even begins. If items are aligned, even if AutoLayout is off, it will internally consider them as an AutoLayout. Your project is always safe, as the plugin doesn’t modify anything.

This project is also Open Source, well tested (over 98% in coverage), and expandable. Jetpack Compose is planned for soon, and other platforms are also welcome.

Feel free to say hi on Twitter or Reddit (@bernaferrari) and please tell me what you love, your ideas, suggestions, or show me what you have made with it!

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