figma-icon-automation Figma Plugin

# Figma Icon Automation Plugin

Figma Icon Automation is a plugin that can help you convert your icons’ SVG code to React component code and publish to NPM. It should be used with Github Actions and NPM.

## Requirements and limitations

– need some development knowledge

– a GitHub account.

– a NPM account.

– only works for React, I’m working on Vue

## How it works?

There are six steps here:

– Create Components: At first, you should create a file which contains your icons’ components (this workflow only fetch components).

– Create Pull Request in Plugin: Fill in the GitHub repository URL and token to push your updates to GitHub, which can create a Pull Request for you.

– Merge PR, Trigger Actions: Now you can merge this PR, which will trigger the GitHub Actions workflow.

– Process and Convert SVG code: GitHub Actions will fetch Figma components’s SVG code through Figma’s API and process it. After it, GitHub Actions will convert them into React component code.

– Publish to NPM: Finally, it’ll publish processed code to NPM.

– Install or update from NPM: Developers can use them through terminal execution, which is familiar to them.

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