EasyFrame 3.0 – Wireframe kit

Are you a UX designer working with wireframes in Figma? We made EasyFrame for you! No more thinking about a beautiful wireframe picture, just take EasyFrame and focus on designing. Simple and lightweight Wireframe Kit will make you more efficient, more productive, without any BUT.

You CAN FIND and DOWNLOAD EASYFRAME for free in Figma Community!

Organized design system with styles in Figma. Now your design system will be created at the design stage! Use a small Starter Kit, immediately prepare Wireframes for further design system and work with styles. Use lots of organized styles!

12 Block categories. There are more than 12 types of different blocks at your disposal: Burger menus, headers and footers, welcome blocks, information blocks, prices, command blocks, CTA blocks, portfolios, blogs, form blocks, e-Commerce, dashboards.

Organized Components & Symbols. No chaos at work! All components and symbols in one place – everything is simple and always at hand! This is a perfectionist’s Paradise – everything is in order and everything is laid out on the shelves. Don’t waste time searching for and customizing the desired component.

Adaptive Version. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. We know that you are a very progressive professional, so we made sure that you were as effective as possible creating not only Desktop, but also adaptive versions of prototypes. EasyFrame includes everything you might need.

Funny set of illustrations.

Easy to use. The intuitive and intuitive EasyFrame allows you to build a prototype in a matter of minutes, so this tool can be called really Easy!

Wireframes. Creating a design becomes even easier. The wireframes tool allows you to foresee complex places of the future site at the design stage. The correct sequence of development stages almost eliminates design edits due to accidental omission of some small detail. Create your perfect prototype by focusing on your work, rather than catching bugs.

Just copy and use.

If you’ve read this far, then you really need our product 🙂 Get EasyFrame for free! If you want to thank us, then subscribe to our social networks and participate in life interactivedesign.io, we promise that it will be interesting 🙂

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