Design System Organizer Figma Plugin

Bulk manage styles and components like a folder tree (rename, categorize, transfer, relink)

Reorganize and clean up a huge library with multiple /’s (for example, that you cloned from Figma community)

Transfer the design system to another team keeping links between files

Move styles to another file and relink to use is as external styles library

Move some of the components to another file and relink instances

Remove multiple styles


1. Manage paths such as “components/input/outlined” through a folder-like interface with auto-renaming on behind. ► Watch Demo

Organize components and styles with groups (group, ungroup, move to)

Rename group at a time

Duplicate several components and styles

Remove styles in bulk

2. Organize styles and components between files.

Transfer styles between files via clipboard (export/import)

Relink all instances and styles with specific masters from another file (set as target/relink)

Important: in the current version, after relinking instances, overrides for most properties will be lost.


Context menu and shortcuts

Shift + click for multiple selection

Works with all styles (text, color, effect, grid)

Support variants for components

Drag and drop


You have Free 30-Day Trial for any document with new components. To purchase a license please visit our Product Page on Gumroad. The price is $2.99


If you have a great idea feel free to contact us by email [email protected]. You can also use this email to report suspected bugs in DSO plugin.

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