Crafttor Figma Plugin

Crafttor sole purpose is to give digital craftsmen a better tool to create awesome products. We want every creator of the world, create anything without any blocker to their creative thoughts.

Crafttor gives free & paid high-quality trending illustrations that go with your every project like a website, app, PPT, print, etc.

🎁 What is inside?

– Free 30 PNG’s & 10 SVG’s in a month.

– Subscription plans as per your requirement.

– Mix & Match illustrations.

– Every month a new illustration set.

– Suggest illustrations if it’s not covered by us.

🎨 Where can you use it?

– To design better-looking landing pages

– For empty states that match your app’s palette

– For your social posts

– For your blog articles

🎨 What next?

– 3d Illustrations

– Icons

– Animated Illustrations

Your support is essential to us, feel free to share the Crafttor with the hashtag #crafttor.

Your feedback is important to us. Please give your valuable feedback to us at [email protected]

You can check plans from here

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