CopyCat (Alpha) – Generate React.js Code Figma Plugin

Copycat helps React.js developers build UI faster by automatically generating production-ready React.js layout/component codes from your selections

We’re currently in early alpha stage. If you have any issues/feedback we would love to hear from you.

What will CopyCat do for me?

  1. CopyCat reads your Figma file to generate good quality React.js code from your designs. Our goal is to provide you with a boilerplate from your existing designs so you can spend your time focused on the harder challenges
  2. We try to focus on reusability and readability and thus break your code down into component-based React.js Views

The following key features ensure that the generated code is production-ready:

  1. Compatible with your existing code base & framework
  2. Ability to reuse generated component codes in new designs
  3. Developer friendly variable naming
  4. Logical breakdown of component codes

Languages supported:

Currently, we only support React.js for web development. We will be adding more languages based on the feedback we receive from the Figma community. 🙂

If you’d like to see more features on Copycat feel free to email us or leave a comment below

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