Chameleon Design System for Sketch

Create new designs for websites and apps faster with tool which can adopt to any team and requirements. Chameleon is a Design System for Sketch created with years of experience in product design that will help you create amazing products – insanely fast.

Chameleon contains symbols and templates for both desktop and mobile applications (340 basic symbols and components with 60+ web and mobile templates) for you to adjust and use in your projects. It was created with Atomic Design Principles as a base line, with up-to-date industry best practices (4x and 8x dp grid for best possible scaling, 12 column layout for responsiveness, icon bounding boxes and more). With Chameleon you can create a lot of different products – it is suited for big multi-platform, multi-system apps as well as simple web pages. Follow the proposed patterns or use Chameleon to create Design System for yourself, your product or a team.

Chameleon is a constantly growing and updatable toolkit, future plans involve introduction to other tools like Figma, XD and more!

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