Camping UI Kit

This Kit is all about camping. which can make your camping easier than ever.

It includes:

– Styleguide ( which gives your customization a lightning-fast speed)

– Every single used resource.

– Dynamic Thumbnails

The list below will show you key features of that Kit:

– Flawless prototype

– Renamed layers

– Always sync your Team Activity.

– Security on every step of log-in.

– Super easy to use.

– Simple forms.

– Information on every different step. (For not familiar users)

– Propper use of images.

– Reminds you about every important information.

– Record your fitness 24/7.

– Let you manage what is in your bag.

– Tell’s you about your teammate.

– Shows you tips & tricks.

– Helps you to directly catch your memories into photos directly from the app.