Arcade Figma Plugin

Scale brand decisions with confidence.

Arcade is for enterprise teams of designers, product managers, and engineers who want to work with design tokens without writing code.

Figma, meet Arcade.

Arcade enables your team to leverage design tokens in the correct way. Your designers will be able to use and update tokens in their Figma file, your engineers will have access to zero-configuration code exports, and anyone will be able to see the live-updating tokens in Arcade. One functional source for everyone. It’s a thing of beauty.


  • Create, edit or delete tokens stored on Arcade right from within Figma
  • Use tokens in your designs: Full support for spacing, sizing, border radii or color tokens!
  • Publish your tokens to be used by your engineering team: We provide export to JS, JSON, CSS, SCSS, LESS, Swift, Android, Style Dictionary, Theo, DSP.
  • Built-in versioning support: Only publish what you think is production-ready
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