Abracadabra! Figma Plugin

You no longer have to write lorem-ipsum-text manually and insert images into layouts — Abracadabra will do it for you.

Name the text layers according to their purpose. For example, call the layer for the phone number $Phone Number, and the layer for the name $Name, and so on.

You can also name the layer $Photo to insert a random image.

That’s it! — The plugin will insert text and images into these layers.

Open instruction and sandbox

Available layer names now



$First Name

$Last Name




$Phone Number



$Zip Code





$Credit Card






$Help — full list of options

For German



$First Name_de

$Last Name_de




$Phone Number_de



$Zip Code_de





$Credit Card_de






$Help_de — full list of options

One-time launch

The plugin will replace the desired layers only once, and then change their names. To do this, create a text layer in the layout with the phrase “Abracadabra for one time” and run the plugin.

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