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4 Free MacBook Pro mockups (PSD)

We’ve witnessed the first, second, up to the fifth MacBook generation, with each generation and release featuring updates that allow for new opportunities not just for users but for designers as well. So whether you’re designing UX and UI projects or you’re more focused on artistic creations, you can share all of these and more with this free MacBook Pro mockup from Mockups Design.
When you’re presenting an intricate design or when the latter includes multiple images that are crucial for a complete end project, you simply have to share everything, and using the same scene can get dull. That’s why this freebie is prepared in 4 high-resolution PSD files with multiple perspectives available, all of which display the elegance of this electronic device. Quality is not rare when it comes to the MacBook Pro, and it shouldn’t be when it comes to your projects as well.

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