4 Free Coffee Paper Cup Mockups (PSD)

You might be wondering why do we keep adding more and more coffee cup mockups, well simply because these are so popular needed in almost every branding project. Coffee is part of our daily life and so are coffee cups. So why not make them branded with our business identity and promote our brand with every sip.
Today’s freebie features 4 scenes of paper coffee cup mockups in different interesting arrangments. Those sets can be very useful and a great addition to your brand presentation. If your project is simply a disposable coffee cup design, this mockup will help show how things will look like in real life after manufacturing and printing. It is never easy to make the client imagine things that are not developed yet and this what makes a mockup life-saving in such cases.
The cup label design is customizable via smart objects while you can easily change the color of the cap with a fill color layer. Special thanks to Mockups Design for the nonstop production of high-quality mockup templates for the world.

Different design/color variations :

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