Rumburak Font

About Google translation of the original description in German: A new software was recommended to me, a program to vectorize pixel graphics. And this new software was supposed to be so much better than anything I could use so far, so that it almost borders on magic. Of course I had to try, because tracing scanned originals to use it to construct a new font, is still a fairly time-consuming thing. So I flipped through my photo collection to use for the test as complete as possible picture font, if the manufacturer of this software offers free first two vectorization of, of which you can then download the finished graphics, before deciding for this customer service money pay. However, these test-vectorization are once limited in size.

After some leaves in my photo collection I then came across the font sample sheet of Arno Drescher’s font Arabella favorite. Yes, I said to myself, this beautiful Arabella should be. Let’s see what this digital magicians do with it. And then it started in my head to rattle: “Beautiful Arabella? Magician? There was something! “And once I had a picture of me,” Sure but, the beautiful Arabella and the Wizard, or how the series also meant the fairytale bride. That was a Czech / German Fantasy series in which it was next to the beautiful Arabella, just that fairy tale bride, also a magician many years ago. And this just had the name Rumburak. What could be more, this font that should result from this test, then, will give also the name, after all we are here again two involved: the beautiful Arabella, which is only just now a font and the wizard who only just now a program.

Well, the only thing I had this to say of course, convinced really one hundred percent not me then the program yet, and it was still a lot of manual work needed from what was delivered to me there, then still a usable font to making. It will probably still take a while before software can really afford what you bring into being, draw after the curves of a font by hand. Ultimately, the workload is then also not significantly greater.

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