Quivira Font

About Quivira is a free Unicode font in the OpenType format which is supported by every usual office program or printer. Unicode font means, it contains more than the standard characters for some western European languages.

Seen from the typographic point of view, Quivira is a proportional serif font like e.g. the more well-known Times New Roman and Garamond. Thus it is suitable for writing well readable texts.

Quivira is free to use for any purpose, including commercial usage. You may also redistribute Quivira freely, but please do not alter it and do not claim it to be your own work. In case of redistributing Quivira, you do not need to provide an extra file with attribution, as this information is included in the TTF file itself. However, I would appreciate a link where reasonable.

Please be aware that while you can download free resources from our website, we do not host any of the files directly. All resources are handpicked and collected from various external sources.