Banbury Font

About OTF/TTF: Banbury (Regular and Italic)
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Designed by Dennis Ludlow 2017
(2.0 UPDATE 06/02/2023)
[email protected]
Banbury is a Neo Classical display font available in two versions. Broad line weights paired with hairline serifs create a striking contrast for an elegant look. Italic lowercase characters contain more rounded letterforms and feature shaved off lower serifs. This vintage inspired family would work nicely in a luxury logo, movie poster, or pub menu. Banbury is equipped with Basic Latin, extended Latin, diacritics, punctuation, ligatures, kerning, and small caps. Please check the glyph map for all supported characters.
The demo contains basic characters only. The full version can be purchased for $50 via PayPal or by acquiring a commercial license. Do note that this $50 is for personal use only. Email us or visit for more information on licensing. Unauthorized usage of our intellectual property is strictly prohibited and may result in legal remedies at our disposal.
Tags: stylish, display, logo, style, neo-classical, classic, sans, serif, casual, chic, menu, luxury, retail, elegant, fancy, expensive, London, Paris, New York, France English, British, Swiss, French, Italian, Rome, Europe,

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